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Los Angeles, CA 90019
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Richard Ray Custom Designs
hand made high end custom lighting to the trade

232-C: Wood & Iron Chandelier

235-S-2: French Market Meat Hook Sconce

236-C-OV-54: "La Dome" Oval Chandelier

24244-C: Watermelon Chandelier

244-S-2-NL: Watermelon Sconce

244-S-SG-1: Watermelon Sconce with Seedy Glass Hurricane

244-S-SG-2: Watermelon Sconce with Seedy Glass Hurricanes

26120-C-EX: Wine Barrel Stave Chandelier, exterior version

26120-S-2: Wine Barrel Stave Sconce

26120-T: Wine Barrel Stave Table Lamp

26150-C-L-SM: Porte Cochere Hanging Lantern

26241-C-L-LG: Square and Round Iron Lantern, Large

276-F: Acanthus Leaf Floor Lamp

28002-C: French Game Fixture

28107-S: Flathead Sconce

28200-C: Cross Bar Pendant — small

28201-C: Wine Country Kitchen Island Fixture

28244-C: Watermelon Pendant with Seedy Glass Hurricane

28247-C: Vera Cruz Chandelier

28289-T: Captain's Iron Scroll Table Lamp

28302-C: Spurs Hanging Basket

28400-C: Cross Bar Pendant — large

28401-S: Gatehouse Sconce

28404-C: Four Points Hanging Basket

28404-CM: Four Points Ceiling Mount

28422-S: Square Iron Torch Sconce

28438-C: Kitchen Island Art Glass Pendant

28449-S-L-SM: "La Petite Ferme" Wall Lantern, Small

28449-S-L: "La Petite Ferme" Wall Lantern

28503-S: Bass Clef Candle Sconce

28535-C: Etoile Crystal Chandelier

28680-C: Octagonal Beeswax Candle Fixture

28696-C: Maria Theresa Chandelier

28714-S-2: Borgia 2 Light Crystal Sconce

28714-S-3: Borgia 3 Light Crystal Sconce

28747-C-L: Acanthus Leaf Lantern Chandelier

28780-C: Altar Beeswax Candle Fixture

28800-C-OV: Tuscan Oval Chandelier with Art Glass Hurricanes

28800-C: Tuscan Chandelier with Art Glass Hurricanes

28800-S: Sawtooth Sconce

28803-C: Montana Hanging Fixture

28803-CM: Montana Ceiling Mount

28805-S: Sawtooth Flat Back Sconce

28902-C: Kitchen Island Oval Fixture

28905-C: Cheyenne Wood and Iron Fixture

28908-C: Dakota Wood and Iron Fixture

29120-S-R-1: Seedy Glass Sconce with Roof

29121-S-1: Single Light Torch Sconce

29231-C: Coral Chandelier

29237-C: Rustic Tole Triple Shade Fixture

29244-S-CV: Seedy Glass Watermelon Sconce, custom version

29244-S: Seedy Glass Watermelon Sconce

29281-F: Moorish Floor Lamp

29303-CM: Lemon Drop Ceiling Mount Fixture

29444-T: Square Iron Table Lamp

29623-S: Chateau Sconce

354-T: "Jardinière" without Handles Table Lamp

363-T: Urn Table Lamp

87104-C: Phineas Phogg Chandelier

89403-S-1: Sausalito Sconce

91100-C-OV-1: Double Scroll Oval Chandelier

91121-C:"Loire" Crystal Chandelier

91140-C-L-PT: Camelot Hanging Lantern

91140-C-L-SM-R: Camelot Hanging Lantern

95236-S-2-CV-2: "L’Orangerie" Sconce

95283-T: Adjustable Iron Table Lamp

96130-C-24-CV-1: Neoclassic Hanging Fixture

96130-S-LV: Neoclassic Sconce with Frosted Glass & Oak Leaves

99003-C-2: Double Shade French Billiard Fixture

99007-C-L-30: Tuscan Hanging Lantern

99241-C-3-WX: 18 Light Chandelier

99241-C-36: 9 Light Chandelier

Abandonded Garden Iron

Antelope Canyon

Antique Gold Stone

Antique Traditional Gold

Banana Leaf Shelf

Black Borghese

Clear Amber

Clear Dark Amber

Clear Green

Clear Silver

Cobalt Blue

Copper Stained Silver

Dark Borghese

Distressed Antique Silver



Fired Copper


Hanauma Bay

Holloway Fireplace Screen

Hungarian Antique Table

Hyde Park Bar Stool

Hyde Park Oval Dining Table

Kaneohe Bay




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