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Richard Ray Custom Designs
hand made high end custom lighting to the trade

glass sconces

  sconces with flat or round glass

12100-S-L-P: Laurel Post Top Lantern

12140-S-L-LG-R: Camelot Half Wall Lantern, large with Roof

12140-S-L-PT-R: Camelot Half Wall Lantern, petite with Roof

12386-S-L-P: Sonoma Post Top Lantern

12386-S-L: Sonoma Lantern

1920-S-2-EX: Paris 1920 Exterior Sconce, 2 tier

1920-S-2: Paris 1920 Sconce

2200-S-L: "Signor Giacometti" Wall Lantern

22301-S: Bathroom Light Bar

22303-S: Bathroom Light Bar

22304-S: Bathroom Light Bar

22305-S: Bathroom Light Bar

24300-S-L: Carved Hand Sconce

25103-S-L: Iron Wall Lantern

26136-S-LG: Sconce with Frosted Flat Glass

27130-S: Neoclassic Light Bar Sconce

90101-S-L: Laurel Wall Lantern

90200-S-1: Iron & Glass Sconce with Jumbo Hurricane

91102-S-L-SM: "La Cañada" Lantern

94239-S: Rose & Spike Sconce

94247-S-RH: Two Arm Sconce with Frosted Rosette Shades

95103-S-L: Wall Lantern with Top Crown

95106-S-L: Wall Lantern with Leaves

95249-S-L: Iron & Glass Wall Lantern

95250-S-L: Wall Lantern with Oak Leaves

96130-S-LV: Neoclassic Sconce with Frosted Glass & Oak Leaves

96130-S: Neoclassic Sconce with Frosted Glass

96136-S: Sconce with Frosted Glass

97102-S-L: Wall Lantern

99007-S-L: Tuscan Half Wall Lantern

99140-S-L-R: Camelot Half Wall Lantern with Roof

99140-S-L: Camelot Half Wall Lantern

99202-S: Sienna Sconce
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