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Richard Ray Custom Designs
hand made high end custom lighting to the trade

lanterns, exterior

these lanterns can be adapted for exterior application with roofs, zinc plating, powder coating, waterproof sockets and exterior sealers

12100-S-L-P: Laurel Post Top Lantern

12140-S-L-LG-R: Camelot Half Wall Lantern, large with Roof

12140-S-L-PT-R: Camelot Half Wall Lantern, petite with Roof

12386-S-L-P: Sonoma Post Top Lantern

12386-S-L: Sonoma Lantern

22201-S-L-EX: Half Wall Lantern Exterior Version

22201-S-L-IN:Half Wall Lantern Interior Version

22229-S-L: "La Rochelle" Wall Lantern

25101-S-L: Half Wall Lantern

25103-S-L: Iron Wall Lantern

28449-S-L-SM: "La Petite Ferme" Wall Lantern, Small

28449-S-L: "La Petite Ferme" Wall Lantern

29120-S-R-1: Seedy Glass Sconce with Roof

90101-S-L: Laurel Wall Lantern

95103-S-L: Wall Lantern with Top Crown

95104-S-L: Wall Lantern

95106-S-L: Wall Lantern with Leaves

95249-S-L: Iron & Glass Wall Lantern

95250-S-L: Wall Lantern with Oak Leaves

97102-S-L: Wall Lantern

99007-S-L: Tuscan Half Wall Lantern

99140-S-L-R: Camelot Half Wall Lantern with Roof

99202-S: Sienna Sconce

99237-S: Rustic Tole Sconce
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