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Richard Ray Custom Designs
hand made high end custom lighting to the trade

traditional sconces

  traditional sconces

10241-S-1: Bistro Single Light Sconce

10241-S-2: Bistro Double Light Sconce

10241-S-3: Bistro Triple Light Sconce

10272-S: Gothic Sconce

10747-S: Acanthus Leaf Crystal Sconce

11003-S: Versilia Sconce

11384-S: Leafy Sconce

11530-S: Venus Sconce

11747-S: Acanthus Leaf Crystal Sconce

1890-S-2: Paris 1890 Sconce

1890-S: Paris 1890 Sconce

1925-S: 1925 Two Arm Sconce

20200-S: Eagle Foot Sconce

21002-S: Flat Back Sconce

21003-S: Sconce

223-S-2: Garland Sconce

223-S-3: Garland Sconce

22300-S-LG: Brittany Sconce, Large

22300-S: Brittany Sconce

235-S-2: French Market Meat Hook Sconce

235-S: French Market Meat Hook Sconce

244-S-SG-1: Watermelon Sconce with Seedy Glass Hurricane

244-S-SG-2: Watermelon Sconce with Seedy Glass Hurricanes

261-S: Georgian Sconce

26266-S-1: Oak Leaf Single Arm Sconce

28714-S-2: Borgia 2 Light Crystal Sconce

28714-S-3: Borgia 3 Light Crystal Sconce

87302-S: Five Arm Sconce

91120-S-1: Single Arm Tassel Sconce

94002-S-1: Single Arm Sconce

94002-S-2: Double Arm Sconce

95236-S-1: "L’Orangerie" Sconce

95236-S-2-CV-1: "L’Orangerie" Sconce

95236-S-2-CV-2: "L’Orangerie" Sconce

95236-S-2: "L’Orangerie" Sconce

96000-S-3: Dutch Hat Sconce

99237-S: Rustic Tole Sconce
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