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Richard Ray Custom Designs
hand made high end custom lighting to the trade

crystal chandeliers

We can customize all fixtures to have more or fewer crystals for the look you require.

10333-C: Fruit Crystal Chandelier

10365-C-CV: Avenue Foch Chandelier, custom version

10365-C: Avenue Foch Chandelier

10396-C: Wine Cellar Chandelier

10747-C-3: Acanthus Leaf Crystal Chandelier

10747-C-5: Acanthus Leaf Crystal Chandelier

11121-C-OV:"Loire" Oval Crystal Chandelier

11406-C: Marais Chandelier

12134-C: Crystal Rosettes Chandelier

12406-C: "Marais" Crystal Chandelier

12455-C: The Cape Chandelier

12696-C: Maria Theresa Chandelier

20202-C: Iron Chandelier

22225-C-OV:"Le Petit Chateau" Oval Crystal Chandelier

22225-C:"Le Petit Chateau" Crystal Chandelier

22226-C-1: Balls, Banquets & Parties Chandelier

22226-C-2-36: Balls, Banquets & Parties Chandelier

22227-CM-33: Acanthus Leaf and Crystal Ceiling Mount

22227-CM-CV: Acanthus Leaf and Crystal Ceiling Mount

22227-CM: Acanthus Leaf and Crystal Ceiling Mount

231-C-36: Acanthus Leaf Chandelier

233-C-1: Crystal "Francaise" Chandelier

233-C-3-CV: Crystal "Francaise" Chandelier

233-C-3: Crystal "Francaise" Chandelier

23406-C-3: Iron Chandelier

23406-C-OV-3: Iron Oval Chandelier

23406-C: Iron Chandelier

241-C-34: Two Tier Iron Leaf Chandelier

24406-C: "La Grande Dame" Chandelier

24800-C: Iron Chandelier

27406-C: Iron Chandelier

28535-C: Etoile Crystal Chandelier

28696-C: Maria Theresa Chandelier

87223-C: Garland Chandelier

89403-C-1: Sausalito Chandelier

89403-C-2-CV: Sausalito Chandelier

89403-C-2: Sausalito Chandelier

89403-C-OV-1: Sausalito Oval Chandelier

91120-C: Tassels Chandelier

91121-C:"Loire" Crystal Chandelier

91231-C: Acanthus Chandelier

93302-C: Square Iron Chandelier

96100-C: Iron & Crystal Chandelier

97200-CM: Crystal Basket Ceiling Mount Fixture

98204-C: Wood and Crystal Chandelier

98236-C-18: Spiral Chandelier

98236-C-24: Spiral Chandelier

98236-C-CV: Spiral Chandelier

99001-C-1-GS: Victorian Crystal Chandelier

99001-C-1: Victorian Crystal Chandelier

99001-C-2: Victorian Crystal Chandelier

99001-C-CV: Victorian Crystal Chandelier
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