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Richard Ray Custom Designs
hand made high end custom lighting to the trade

iron chandeliers: various

various iron chandeliers not in other categories

10302-C: Tuscan Grill Chandelier

10780-C: Round Beeswax Candle Chandelier

12109-C-OV: Panther Head Oval Chandelier

12333-C-PT: Petite Ballroom Chandelier

12333-C: Grand Ballroom Chandelier

12531-C: Acanthus Leaf Pendant

12702-C: Lafayette Chandelier

12888-C-20: Ball Chain Fixture

12888-C-30: Ball Chain Fixture

12888-C-40: Ball Chain Fixture

1925-C: 1925 Pendant

20200-C: Eagle Foot Chandelier

26509-C: Antique Iron Chandelier

27812-C-48: Gothic Chandelier

27812-C: Gothic Chandelier

28780-C: Altar Beeswax Candle Fixture

29231-C: Coral Chandelier

87104-C: Phineas Phogg Chandelier

91130-C: Neoclassic Hanging Fixture

96000-C-10: Dutch Hat Chandelier

96000-C-12: Dutch Hat Chandelier

96000-C-15: Dutch Hat Chandelier

96000-C-6: Dutch Hat Chandelier

96000-C-8: Dutch Hat Chandelier
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