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Richard Ray Custom Designs
hand made high end custom lighting to the trade

billiard/game fixtures

Most of these styles can be customized for one, two or three shades. Also, check out the kitchen (island) fixtures, some of which are used as billiard table fixtures.

11240-C: Delano Shade Fixture

11253-C: La Jolla Kitchen Island Fixture

11313-C: Antique Ox Yoke Billiard Table Fixture

11540-C: Aegean Beach House Fixture

12003-C: Triple Shade French Billiard Fixture

12253-C: Breezeway Chandelier

22001-C-B: Poplar Pendants Biliard Fixture

22001-C: Poplar & Iron Pendant

22100-C: Iron Game Fixture

237-C: Rustic Tole Fixture

25100-C: Iron Game Fixture

25255-C: Kitchen Island Fixture

27253-C: Acanthus Leaf Billiard Table Fixture

28002-C: French Game Fixture

28908-C: Dakota Wood and Iron Fixture

29237-C: Rustic Tole Triple Shade Fixture

87100-C-B: Clock Triple Shade Billiard Fixture

94002-C-CV: French Game Fixture

94002-C-OV: Oval French Game Fixture

94002-C: French Game Fixture

94003-C: Iron Game Fixture

95237-C-DL: Rustic Tole Billiard Fixture

95237-C: Rustic Tole Billiard Fixture

96253-C-CV: Billiard Fixture

96253-C: Billiard Fixture

99003-C-1: French Game Table Fixture

99003-C-2: Double Shade French Billiard Fixture

99003-C: Triple Shade French Billiard Fixture
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