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Richard Ray Custom Designs
hand made high end custom lighting to the trade

oval/rectangle chandeliers

Most of our fixtures can be customized to be in a rectangle, traditional oval or race track oval shape.

11121-C-OV:"Loire" Oval Crystal Chandelier

11150-C: Navajo Chandelier

11240-C: Delano Shade Fixture

11253-C: La Jolla Kitchen Island Fixture

11313-C: Antique Ox Yoke Billiard Table Fixture

11428-C-OV: Park Lane Oval Chandelier

12003-C: Triple Shade French Billiard Fixture

12109-C-OV: Panther Head Oval Chandelier

12253-C: Breezeway Chandelier

12424-C: Newport Kitchen Island Fixture

12535-C-P: Montecito Pendant

1920-C-RT-2: Paris 1920 Rectangle Chandelier

22225-C-OV:"Le Petit Chateau" Oval Crystal Chandelier

22226-C-OV-1: Balls, Banquets & Parties Oval Chandelier

22247-C: Frosted Rosettes Kitchen Island Fixture

22249-C: Jacqueline Kitchen Fixture

22250-C: "Brocante" Kitchen Island Fixture

23406-C-OV-3: Iron Oval Chandelier

236-C-OV-54: "La Dome" Oval Chandelier

24800-C: Iron Chandelier

25236-C: "La Dome" Kitchen Island Fixture

25255-C: Kitchen Island Fixture

26256-C: "Fleur de Lys" Kitchen Island Fixture

27007-C-L-3: Triple Tuscan Lantern Kitchen Island Fixture

27253-C: Acanthus Leaf Billiard Table Fixture

27630-C: French Antique Twisted Iron Chandelier

27800-C: Iron Chandelier with Seedy Glass Hurricanes

28780-C: Altar Beeswax Candle Fixture

28800-C-OV: Tuscan Oval Chandelier with Art Glass Hurricanes

28902-C: Kitchen Island Oval Fixture

28905-C: Cheyenne Wood and Iron Fixture

28908-C: Dakota Wood and Iron Fixture

87100-C-B: Clock Triple Shade Billiard Fixture

87100-C: Clock Chandelier

87101: Rooster Chandelier

89402-C-OV-6: Gyro Gothic Oval Chandelier

89402-C-OV-8: Gyro Gothic Oval Chandelier

89403-C-OV-1: Sausalito Oval Chandelier

91100-C-OV-1: Double Scroll Oval Chandelier

91231-C: Acanthus Chandelier

94002-C-OV: Oval French Game Fixture

96253-C-CV: Billiard Fixture

96253-C: Billiard Fixture

99003-C-2: Double Shade French Billiard Fixture

99003-C: Triple Shade French Billiard Fixture

99241-C-OV: 8 Light Oval Chandelier
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