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Richard Ray Custom Designs
hand made high end custom lighting to the trade

transitional fixtures

not quite traditional, not quite contemporary

10780-C: Round Beeswax Candle Chandelier

11303-CM: Hand Blown Glass Drop Ceiling Mount Fixture

11428-C-OV: Park Lane Oval Chandelier

22228-CM: Jewel Box Ceiling Mount Fixture

236-C-27: "La Dome" Chandelier

236-C-40: "La Dome" Chandelier

236-C-54: "La Dome" Chandelier

236-C-OV-54: "La Dome" Oval Chandelier

236-CM: "La Dome": Ceiling Mount

25236-C: "La Dome" Kitchen Island Fixture

25402-C: Iron Chandelier

28438-C: Kitchen Island Art Glass Pendant

28680-C: Octagonal Beeswax Candle Fixture

28780-C: Altar Beeswax Candle Fixture

29303-CM: Lemon Drop Ceiling Mount Fixture

89402-C-1-4: Gyro Gothic Chandelier

89402-C-1-6: Gyro Gothic Chandelier

89402-C-2-CV-1: Gyro Gothic Chandelier, custom version

89402-C-2: Gyro Gothic Chandelier

89402-C-OV-6: Gyro Gothic Oval Chandelier

89402-C-OV-8: Gyro Gothic Oval Chandelier

98236-C-18: Spiral Chandelier

98236-C-24: Spiral Chandelier

98236-C-CV: Spiral Chandelier
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