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10302-C: Tuscan Grill Chandelier

10333-C: Fruit Crystal Chandelier

10365-C-CV: Avenue Foch Chandelier, custom version

10365-C: Avenue Foch Chandelier

10395-C: Pantry Chandelier

10396-C: Wine Cellar Chandelier

10440-CM: Oak Leaf Ceiling Mount Fixture

10747-C-3: Acanthus Leaf Crystal Chandelier

10747-C-5: Acanthus Leaf Crystal Chandelier

10780-C: Round Beeswax Candle Chandelier

11051-C: Roswell Pendant

11111-C-L: Monterey Hanging Lantern

11121-C-OV:"Loire" Oval Crystal Chandelier

11140-C-L-R: Camelot Hanging Lantern, covered

11150-C: Navajo Chandelier

11240-C: Delano Shade Fixture

11244-C: Watermelon Fixture

11253-C: La Jolla Kitchen Island Fixture

11292-C: Loreto Chandelier

11303-CM: Hand Blown Glass Drop Ceiling Mount Fixture

11313-C: Antique Ox Yoke Billiard Table Fixture

11360-C: Oak Leaf Pendant

11406-C: Marais Chandelier

11428-C-OV: Park Lane Oval Chandelier

11540-C: Aegean Beach House Fixture

12003-C: Triple Shade French Billiard Fixture

12109-C-OV: Panther Head Oval Chandelier

12121-C: Bejeweled Shade Fixture

12130-C: Olympic Kitchen Island Fixture

12134-C: Crystal Rosettes Chandelier

12140-C-L-LG-R: Camelot Hanging Lantern, large with Roof

12253-C: Breezeway Chandelier

12282-C-OV: Melrose Oval Shade Fixture

12282-C-P: Melrose Shade Pendant

12282-C: Melrose Shade Fixture

12288-C: Seedy Glass Pendant

12292-C: Malibu Shade Fixture

12303-C-L: Montauk Hanging Lantern

12333-C-PT: Petite Ballroom Chandelier

12333-C: Grand Ballroom Chandelier

12340-C: Camembert Shade Fixture

12386-C: Sonoma Hanging Lantern

12403-C: Sausalito Chandelier

12406-C: "Marais" Crystal Chandelier

12424-C: Newport Kitchen Island Fixture

12444-C-L: Borg Cube Hanging Lantern

12455-C: The Cape Chandelier

12485-C: Pinwheel Chandelier

12527-C: Portland Shade Fixture

12531-C: Acanthus Leaf Pendant

12535-C-P: Montecito Pendant

12696-C: Maria Theresa Chandelier

12702-C: Lafayette Chandelier

12818-C: Jumbo Hurricane Pendant

12888-C-20: Ball Chain Fixture

12888-C-30: Ball Chain Fixture

12888-C-40: Ball Chain Fixture

12901-C: Monarch Jewel Shade Pendant

12925-C: Vintage Hollywood Shade Fixture

13140-C-L-MD: Camelot Hanging Lantern

13288-C: Berkshire Pendant

13925-C: Swallowtail Shade Fixture

1920-C-2-CV1: Paris 1920 Chandelier

1920-C-2: Paris 1920 Chandelier

1920-C-3-36: Paris 1920 Chandelier

1920-C-3-36: Paris 1920 Chandelier, customized

1920-C-3-48: Paris 1920 Chandelier

1920-C-3-65: Paris 1920 Chandelier

1920-C-3-AG: Paris 1920 Chandelier

1920-C-P: Paris 1920 Bar Pendant

1920-C-P: Paris 1920 Bar Pendant

1920-C-RT-2: Paris 1920 Rectangle Chandelier

1920-CM-CV-1: Paris 1920 Ceiling Mount

1920-CM-CV-2: Paris 1920 Ceiling Mount

1925-C: 1925 Pendant

20200-C: Eagle Foot Chandelier

20201-C-24: Wine Country Chandelier

20201-C: Wine Country Chandelier

20202-C: Iron Chandelier

204-C-2-CV: Wood and Iron Chandelier

204-C-2: Wood and Iron Chandelier

2200-C-L-LG: "Signor Giacometti" Hanging Lantern

2200-C-L-SM: "Signor Giacometti" Hanging Lantern

22001-C-B: Poplar Pendants Biliard Fixture

22001-C: Poplar & Iron Pendant

22100-C: Iron Game Fixture

22202-C-L: Moroccan Hanging Lantern

22222-C-CV: French Norman Chandelier

22225-C-OV:"Le Petit Chateau" Oval Crystal Chandelier

22225-C:"Le Petit Chateau" Crystal Chandelier

22226-C-1: Balls, Banquets & Parties Chandelier

22226-C-2-36: Balls, Banquets & Parties Chandelier

22226-C-L-CV: Balls, Banquets & Parties Lantern

22226-C-OV-1: Balls, Banquets & Parties Oval Chandelier

22227-CM-33: Acanthus Leaf and Crystal Ceiling Mount

22227-CM-CV: Acanthus Leaf and Crystal Ceiling Mount

22227-CM: Acanthus Leaf and Crystal Ceiling Mount

22228-CM-CV: Jewel Box Ceiling Mount Fixture

22228-CM: Jewel Box Ceiling Mount Fixture

22229-C-L: "La Rochelle" Hanging Lantern
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